Donors List 2018 event

On behalf of the whole team, we would like to thanks all our donors anonymous and non anonymous alike for their generous help and donations!  It really shows what a truely amazing community we are part of, you are all stars! 


⭐️Monthly Continuous Donors ⭐️

Paul Richardson @havochaos


💥In-Kind Donors 💥

Ray Watson @rayjwatson



❤️ Donors List ❤️

Noel @s1r3nn $100

Glenn @ntkramer $150


Martin Boller @martinboller $20

Richard Westmoreland @rswestmoreland


Steve R @pidooma $100


Jim Troutman @troutman $150

Nick and Becca Scheiblauer $101

Alexander Huszagh $150

Paul Richardson @havochaos

c00p3r $101

Patrick Connelly

Jay Tuley @jbtule $102

Robert Burns $100

Andrea Little Limbago @limbagoa

Rik Kershaw-Moore $100

DC801 Member

Bridgette Boody @bridgette_boody $150

Roberts Burns @securityhodor $100

Cory Marchand @corymarchand $100

MikiD @theDawgCr8 $350

KMFT @daoist $100

Clover Twombley @clovertwombley $100

Christanya Gordon @ShellsbySethi $100

Rik Kershaw-Moore @tsiolkovsky $100

Andrew Walton @awalton $500

Kathleen Fitzgerald ‪@rnbwkat‬ $100

Ray Watson @rayjwatson